Sunday, February 8, 2015

3 Awesome Dice Games to Play With Your Kids Today!

I just love playing games with my boys!  And my boys love numbers and strategy, and....DICE!

I have three great dice games that you can play in Spanish (or English!) that require little set up or materials.

I learned the first game in Spain a couple of summers ago.  I tweaked it a little to satisfy younger players.

Dice Game #1:  MUERTO!!! 

paper, pencil, 5 dice

Number of Players:  
2 or more

How To Play: 
1.  On a piece of paper, create a column for each player.

2.  Each player takes turns rolling the dice.  The first player rolls all 5 dice.  Add up all of the dice EXCEPT for the 2s and 5s.  Any die that falls on 2 or 5 is eliminated for this player for the remainder of the game.

This roll would eliminate 3 dice and give you 10 points.

4.  The second player takes his turn with the 5 dice and rolls, eliminates any 2s or 5s, and marks the sum on the paper.  Play continues until all players have rolled the dice one time.

5.  During Round 2, each player takes his/her turn rolling their dice, eliminating any 2s and 5s, and adding their totals.

6.  Continue taking turns and rolling for as many rounds as it takes until all of the players run out of dice.

7.  Add up the points in each column, and the winner is the one with the highest total score!

Peque 1 scored 32 points and wins the game!

(NOTE: it is possible -- and, indeed, probable, that players will be playing each round with different amounts of dice.)

Dice Game #2:  PIGGY!

paper, pencil, 2 dice

Number of Players:
2 or more

How To Play: 
1.  On a piece of paper, create a column for each player.

2.  The first player rolls the dice.  If a double is not rolled, the sum of the two dice is noted on the paper under the player's name.  (If a double is rolled, the player's score is zero and he has lost the game.)

The player may decide to roll again or stop his turn.  If the player rolls again, and a double is not rolled, the sum of the two dice is added to the previous total.  However, if a double is rolled, the player's score becomes zero and he loses the game.

The player can continue to roll again as long as she'd like, or until she rolls a double.

Oh no!  This player got a double and now has a score of 0!!!

3.  Play continues to the remaining players in the same fashion.  The other players try to get a higher score than the first player, without rolling a double.

4.  After all players have had a chance to roll, the player with the highest score is a winner.  (And the players with a zero score are "Piggies!")

Dice Game #3:  Build a Monster!!!

paper, pencil, one die
(You can find the template for Build a Monster in my TpT Store.)

Number of Players:
1 or more

How to Play:
1.  Players must brainstorm several body parts necessary to make a monster: cabeza, brazo, pie, nariz, cola, etc.  and write them down on a piece of paper.

2.  The players draw a body for the monster.  This can be a circle, oval, square, or any other shape.

3.  Player 1 chooses a body part and rolls a die.  If the player chose "cabeza" and rolled a 3, the player(s) must draw 3 heads on their monster(s).

4.  If there is more than one player, the second player will choose the next body part and roll the die.  Everyone must draw that number of body parts on their monsters.

5.  Play continues until all of the body parts have been drawn on the monsters.  The players can now color and decorate their monsters for display!

Here are a few additional dice games that you may want to try that don't require much more prep than some dice, a pencil, and paper.  

Click on the name for link to rules:

1.  Math Dice (or Math Dice, Jr)
2.  Yahtzee!
3.  1000

I hope you enjoy playing these dice games with your kids as much as I do!

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