Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Marionetas on a Cold Winters Day...

It has been so cold here in New York (and the next few days promise to be even colder) that it has led me to look at photos from last summer in Spain.

Here are the boys watching the titeres (puppet show) along with other neighborhood kids last summer:

The show started out with puppets and a cute little story about a princess who had lost her way:

But with a little help from the audience (magic words and a special song were required), the puppets came to life!

The puppet show was a great way for the boys to connect with their Spanish community and meet other kids.  They also learned a LOT of Spanish in fun and interactive way.

We decided to relive the summer fun with a puppet show this afternoon.  A low-tech stage and a few favorite stuffed animals later, we had our own titeres performance:

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